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Sep 29, 2012 1:00am PDT
written in reaction to katrina. how can i enter that space of writing poems about that. i'm not from there and don't have family there. who benefits from that tragedy? who benefits from that disregard for humanity and the thought animals would benefit from that. this first poem is flood songs number 4 mosquitoes drinking didy. >> drink every hour next up this hour and every hour after. was born in the river there is enough to go around. drink every hour on the hour and every hour after. in the river there is enough to go around. drink every hour. there is enough to go around. drink every hour and every hour after. go to the river there is enough to go around. drink up the hours and every after burned down by the river -- drink air land is here for after survivors go around they are enough. [applause] >> flood song 8 stray dogs duet. >> the every i learned. food. for the good. love. your hand smiled with me. you wanted me to understand you with -- my teeth. hunger seemed the only -- tongue we shared. the sky -- opened. closed it's door. the sky -- opens, closes it's door. the sky -
Sep 28, 2012 11:00pm EDT
remembered the impact from katrina. >> what is going on? >> a wonderful weekend coming up. this is skyline drive the color, that chestnut oak says you know what, i am still green be patient. the temperatures outside right now, still in the 60's. live doppler, the last of the showers, the eastern shore southern maryland, lusby all the way to fredericksburg. there might be a couple of sprinkles, but the pattern is moving to the south and east, and is looking a lot better than a couple days ago. the dry air is getting stronger and will be pushing in. syracuse 53. we are at 68 in washington. the dry air will win the day. it will keep the unsettled weather, which we were afraid would be hanging around, well to the south. the violent weather moving off. this ripple now, and the weather front to the north that will continue to come through. tomorrow morning, the morning low temperatures up to the northwest, hagerstown, frederick, morning lows of about 50. with the light wind, like northwest wind, lingering clouds at, patchy fog especially if you are thinking about doing a little bit of sailing. n
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2